Next Steps

Most of us walk around with a dream in our hearts.  I sure hope you do anyway.  Life is more fun if we can dream.  A dream is a goal with a plan.  No dream is too big or to small.  It’s personal.   I have never met a soul that didn’t have a seed of a dream planted in it; ready to bloom.  We just allow so many things and issues in our lives to squelch the seed and push it further down in the soil of our soul.  It is still there.  What is it for you?  Write it down now.  I mean now.  I’ll wait for you.  

Now that you have re-visited that dream, what do you think it is that is keeping you from taking action on it? I believe that there are 3 obstacles that keep us from taking the next steps in seeing the dream come to fruition.  

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Lack of courage
  3. Lack of discipline  

Lack of knowledge.  I will use myself as an example so I am fixin (Texas term for getting ready to…) be super transparent.  Last summer brought a lot of down time for me.  Radiation for my breast cancer was every day for 6 1/2 weeks.   Through journaling my journey, my senses were heightened to the idea of living life to the absolute fullest.  I think many of you have had this moment of clarity as well.  We say life is short but when faced with a crisis that saying takes on a whole new meaning.  I love life.  I love it so much I want others to create a life they love. The desire to pursue a speaking and coaching career, a dream I had for many years, took root.  It not just took root but sprouted later that fall.  As an Ex-Director with Premier Designs, I do a substantial amount of training and speaking and mentoring.  I love what I do!  It has a great purpose, and I will continue to do so. This role has no doubt played a part in my next steps.  However,  lack of knowledge was keeping me from moving forward.  How do we go from an idea to action?   I had no clue where to start.  Lack of knowledge keeps us from moving forward because we get stuck.  Stuck means stay.  Stay is not pursuing or moving forward.  I began to put myself out there and learn, study, and implement all I could to follow my plan and pursue this dream.  I had to learn Word Press, YouTube, various marketing apps and ideas.  I am still learning.  Every day I carve out time for knowledge and small wins. I am learning how to move from panic to problem solved quickly.  We cannot let lack of knowledge keep us from moving forward.  For you to pursue passion and purpose in your life you will need to be a student of your dream.  Do not allow what you don’t know to keep your dreams from growing.  Not cool.  

Lack of courage.  Courage and Fear are the opposite.  If you are courageous you are without fear.  If you are fearful you are without courage.  Something I learned years ago from a business coach is that everything we do and say come from a place of love or a place of fear.  Lack of courage or being fearful is a major player in our not moving forward and taking those next steps.  In fact, we can be brushed up on all the head stuff (knowledge) but be so consumed with fear and failure that we get stuck.  Stuck means Stay. Stay is not pursuing or moving forward.  What is it we are fearful of?  The #1 reason we lack courage is we fear failure and then we go down that rabbit hole of “what will others think”.  You have done it and so have I.  At some point in this journey your faith has to be bigger than your fears and your courage will grow because you chose to surround yourself by people who would EN-courage you to move forward.  Yes, there are people out there who will be this for you and for me.  Find them.  They are your tribe.  Your biggest Encourager is your heavenly father.  Multiple times in His word we are told to be strong and be courageous.  Seek Him first!

Finally, we fail to take those next steps because of the lack of discipline.  Sorry, I had to go there.  Discipline is a verb.  We have to plan time to work and take action on the implementation of our dreams.  Recently I was coaching a young lady in her business.  Her dream was a vacation fund for her family.  She desperately wanted to be able to take her kids and husband every year on a trip that would become memory-making experiences.  I find her dream inspiring.  In order for her to realize this dream, she had to implement some disciplines in her “side hustle” so that she could fund this dream.  Earlier I asked you to write down what that dream was, that seed that was already planted within you.  Go back to that right now and ask yourself what can I do today (not tomorrow) that will be a small win in the right direction.   Follow up with that contact that could possibly open the next door.  Invest in that online course you have been putting off.  Small wins create the momentum you are longing for.   Action will always come before confidence and discipline lines the road to achievement.   Without discipline we get stuck.  Stuck means stay. Stay is not pursuing or moving forward.

Removing the obstacles of lack of knowledge, courage, and discipline will keep us all taking those next steps.  The biggest adventure we can take is to create a life we love.

In style & friendship,