Create The Life You Love

Excited to Meet You!

It’s true, I knew the day would come when we would be introduced. I am glad it has arrived. Let me fill you in on some things you may want to know, then if you would, complete my information box so we can stay in touch.

I would consider myself a Lifestyle enthusiast.  I believe that we all have the opportunity to create a life we love.  I am focused on this now more than ever.  Much of what you read here will lead you down that path.  I love all things style,  whether I am decorating a person or a home.  You can find my style services tab at the top of this page.   For over 23 years I have pursued personal and professional development.  I believe this is key to becoming all God intended you to be.  Leaving any amount of potential untapped is like dying with the music still inside you.  I will lead you in a direction for personal and professional growth as well.  You can find my personal and professional services tab at the top of this page.   Style on the inside and style on the outside.  Let’s be the total package.  God’s gift to us is our potential and our gift back to Him is doing something with it!  That excites me.

I have been married to the best man in the whole wide world for 26 years so you may come across some writings on how to have a strong marriage.  That is one thing I do believe I can speak to.  I have two adult children who surprise me everyday as I see glimpses of their upbringing shine through in their work ethic and life choices.  Yes of course I will be writing about them and parenting.  I am a breast cancer survivor, believer, and friend.

Side note:  I love dogs, especially the poodle breed.  I love flowers and being outside in the sunshine.

Enjoy the connection and invite your friends on our journey. Check back often and follow me on social where I will share all my favorite things with you.  Now let’s Create a Life You Love.


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